Greek Recruitment & Voting Made Simple

RecruitME gives your members the ability to instantly voice their opinion. Easy-to-create candidate profiles allow your members to vote on prospects as soon as a conversation is over. Each profile provides a candidate summary, interests, hobbies, & GPA. Simple and streamlined.

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Close Up Features

  • Prospect Tracking

    See a list of potential candidates at a single click

  • Communication Methods

    Have a variety of methods to immediately contact the prospect. Even if you don't have their phone or email!

  • Track

    Keep an eye on the prospects attendance rates and success through the bidding process.

  • Change your mind

    Have the ability to re-cast your vote for a prospect as your experiences change.


RecruitME encourages recruitment year-round and allows you to recruit for any chapter within your organization, including alumni chapters. Now refer prospects worldwide anytime, by any member back to your chapter or direct it to another chapter within your organization.

The goal of RecruitME is to improve existing recruitment methods rather than replace them entirely. RecruitME’s uploading capability revolutionizes the way prospects are managed and offers each member the ability to upload a prospect into the system at any time from anywhere.

  • Add prospectives as you meet them
  • See key information and track their participation
  • Vote for prospectives as you meet them

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