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Can’t we all get along?

At the core, we are all the same.  We all state we’re Brothers or Sisters for life.  We reinforce that point by all having some eternal “Chapter” that we pass into upon our death.  We all go through some form of education to better understand the origin and nature of our Order.  Whether public or private we all have a form of initiation.  We all give of ourselves to better the world.  We all state an oath, committing to the communal success of our organization. Sure, one organization may use “Truthfulness” and another will say “Honesty”, but in the end,

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What the hell happened?

What is a Fraternity?  Webster defines a Fraternity as “a group of people associated or formally organized for a common purpose, interest, or pleasure” and “the quality or state of being brothers”. The first American society considered a “Fraternity” was Phi Beta Kappa Society founded in 1776 at William and Mary.  As stated by Phi Beta Kappa “The organization was created as a secret society so that its founders would have the freedom to discuss any topic they chose.” It would take another 50 years before the founding of Kappa Alpha Society, cited as the first “secret Brotherhood” or “Literary

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